Welcome to the Tame Rabbit.  I hope you find relaxation and a great cup of coffee.

My husband, Tim and I opened the shop on April 10th, 2017 along with my daughter Kaytie’s help.   I have always been a big fan of the brew, and we have travelled to many states and countries where I enjoyed visiting cafes and restaurants, oh how I loved the coffee in Europe.

Tim and I attended a Coffee School in Portland, American Barista Coffee School to be exact,  where we learned so much more than just the taste, like there is an actual coffee standard,  how to roast the coffee bean and about starting your own shop.   Since there were few options for getting a good cup of coffee in Chagrin Falls, we decided to open ours.  Now I get all the great coffee I can stand in a day, and believe you me, it takes a lot.

I am hoping this blog reaches all those who share a love for food and drink, as I do and that we can learn together on this new and exciting journey. I will use this blog to discuss and teach everything I learn through owning this business, from buying green beans and roasting them to figuring out new recipes for our seasonal breads. I hope there is something fun for everyone and that you enjoy our time together!